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A professional Firm Valuation will give you information about overall economic conditions, about your industry, about your competitive positioning, and about the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Ultimately, the information you receive from a Firm Valuation can be utilized by you to increase the value of your company, both now and in the future.

Our first step in the valuation process is to determine the method of valuation to be used for your firm. From that point, the following steps will be taken.

I. Determining the most representative level of earnings for your firm.

II. Carefully evaluate:
  • Markets served as well as market and client share.

  • Size of firm in terms of financial results.

  • Financial results and profitability (historically and currently)

  • The profile of the business including technology footprint.

  • Business strategies and operational philosophies.

  • Worker's compensation history (if applicable).

  • Management and staff including the likelihood of retention.

  • Value of good will.
III. Establishing a realistic multiplier.

IV. Properly position the valuation considering motives and time lines.

To learn more about the benefit of the valuation process, contact us.