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Mission Statement: A broad statement of business scope and operations that distinguishes one organization from other, similar organizations.

Strategic Plan: Identifies the business (or businesses) an organization will engage in and how it will fundamentally conduct that business. Additionally, it describes a set of actions that must be taken in order for the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

The process involved in developing a realistic and achievable Strategic Plan for your organization may include many, if not all of the following steps.

I. Defining your company's present position through a properly conducted SWOT analysis.

II. Set preliminary short and long-range goals and objectives for your organization.

III. Establish a market and client development plan including accountabilities and timetables.

IV. Create performance and operating standards for each position in the organization.

V. Evaluate staff and determine requirements.

VI. Set-up staff training and development objectives.

VII. Establish communication, review, updating, and reporting mechanisms.

As a result of this process, you will have in place a functional, effective, and operationally oriented short and long-term plan for your business.

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