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On Call
Each year, hundreds of staffing firms discover the many benefits of having Petra On-Call. This service has been valuable for strategic planning sessions with owners, for staff and management training, and for solving problems in a timely and cost effective manner. It's great for group training or one-on-one coaching and development.

You may be in business for yourself, but you do not have to be in business by yourself.

What is Petra On-Call?
Petra On-Call is the next best thing to having Terry Petra in your office. It is designed to provide you access to Terry's expertise on an "as needed" basis for consultation, problem solving, or management/staff training. Whether it is a one time event or an on-going process, you determine the frequency of use and the subject or topics to be covered on each call.

How does Petra On-Call work?
There are no contracts or long-term obligations. It starts with a no cost, no obligation telephone review of your present needs. From that point, if you wish to proceed, you determine when and how to use this telephone support option. Although Terry will try to accept your calls at any time, experience has shown that owners, managers, and staff receive the greatest value from Petra On-Call when:

1. The telephone sessions are arranged in advance and a specific appointment is set. This insures that Terry is in place to receive your call as scheduled.
2. We work from an agenda or list of questions and topics. This allows Terry to prepare in advance and sets the focus for the call. However, the structure of each session allows enough flexibility to cover other questions or topics that you feel are important.
3. If possible, tape record the call for further reference and review. This helps insure that you receive the maximum value from each telephone session. Tape recording is particularly beneficial for management and staff training sessions.

What does it cost to use Petra On-Call?
This telephone support option costs $200.00 an hour, charged by the minute and billed at the end of each month. You are only charged for your actual time on the phone. Therefore, since you control the frequency of use, the topics to be covered, and the length of time for each call, you control the cost. Whether a one time event of an on-going process, Petra On-Call has proven to be an effective, low cost, training and support option for hundreds of staffing firms from around the world

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