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Newly revised to meet the needs of the changing economy, the Petra Training System is comprised of four separate components:
  • Comprehensive Training Manual - This manual has eleven training units which include strategies, techniques, procedures, and forms. Throughout each unit are matching graphics and corresponding "Power" points along with relevant articles that reinforce the information presented.

  • Consultant Study Guides - The study guides are keyed to each unit of the Training Manual. The guides are completed by the trainee as they proceed through the material. This further reinforces their understanding, comprehension, and retention of the information presented.

  • Script Building Appendix - Over sixty pages of scripts covering a wide variety of situations that might be encountered on a day-to-day basis. This primer is designed to stimulate the creativity and resourcefulness of the trainee, while providing a solid base of tried and true techniques on which to build and develop their individual style.

  • Trainer's Guide - This guide is designed as a tool to assist the trainer in presenting the information contained in the Training Manual.

  • The following five sections are included:
    1. Specific Training Plans customized for each unit.
    2. A complete copy of the Study Guide.
    3. An answer key for the Study Guide.
    4. End of unit examinations.
    5. An answer key for the end of unit examinations.

One time cost, including shipping: $500.00 (US)

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