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Just Do It ... Right!

A Client Centered Process That Works

The "Client Centered Process" helps insure that your clients hire the right candidates on time, every time, and this is the key to building long-term, highly productive exclusive relationships.

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The Key to Building Exclusive Relationships Regardless of the Economy

The Four Levels of Trust

The Six Variables of Human Capital Management

  The Seven Reasons Why Employment Relationships Fail

The Client Centered Approach

The Client Centered Process

Step 1: Determining "What" Constitutes Success on the Job

Step 2: Identifying Critical Functions

Step 3: Establishing Selection Criteria

The Critical Question

Step 4: Developing the Competency Based Interviewing Questionnaire

Step 5: Implementation and Follow-through
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It's in the "How", not in the "What"

Examples of Outcomes and Critical Functions

Examples of Performance Based Selection Criteria

Developing a Targeted, Competency Based, Behavioral Interview Questionnaire

Role Projection Questions

Change Initiative Questions for an Executive

The Top Forty Behavioral Interviewing Questions
  Employee Retention: Your Client's Key to Growing their Business

Aligning Operating Style with Functional Preferences

Control the Process, Control the offer

The Fee - Take Yourself Out of the Equation Guarantee Your Process

Your Frame of Reference - The Key to Successful Recruiting

Doing It Right!

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